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What is Block Booking?

Block Booking is when three or more schools work together with Associates in the booking process to coordinate days and times, maximizing routing for a given act or performer.
In return for this convenient routing and multiple contracts, the Associate Member agrees to perform each date for a discounted rate, saving each participating campus money.
In order to form a Block, you need at least three schools that are geographically nearby one another, booking the same act within a short period of time.
The most desirable distance between any two schools in a block is within four driving hours.

Are You Participating in Block Booking?

If not, then you're missing out! ​Block Booking with NACA brings schools and Associate Members together, opening up new ways to book more diverse talent and save budget money at the same time.

Participating in Block Booking with NACA is simple:

  1. Attend regional and national events where acts perform live during NACA® showcases.
  2. Interact with exhibitors representing acts in the Campus Activities Marketplace (CAMP).
  3. Discuss acts you're interested in with your campus delegation.
  4. Complete and submit a Block Booking form to express your interest in booking a particular act.
  5. Form a block with other campuses so that you all save money!

How Big are the Savings?

Usually, the more schools participating in a block, the deeper the discount to each campus. This means the more you network with your neighbors, the more everyone can save!
The most successful Block Booking schools will research the scheduled showcasing acts before the event. This way, they already have an idea of who they'll be interested in, allowing them to maximize their time in CAMP and Block Booking meetings.

Interested in Learning More About NACA?

Block Booking is just one of many benefits of becoming a member of NACA. To learn more about our educational, professional development and entertainment opportunities, please visit